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sheilahalvy's Journal

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  • sheilahalvy

I Don't Know What To Write

The names Sheila. 14 years old. And just because I'm younger than you doesn't mean I'm dumber than you. I can be the most random person you'll ever meet. My life is devoted to Jesus Christ. I'm a newly saved Christian and never felt this good in my entire life. My friends and I like to make music... We're not really a band. We just like to play music to people on stickam and such. Add my myspace to get the URL for my youtube account if you want. I also go solo. If you want to do a song with me. Add me fer sure then. I synth, scream, sing, play piano, and do all my own beats. I can play just about any instrument you put in front of me. My cousin and I just have that ability. I'm not too good at brass instruments though. The mouthpeice doesn't cooperate with me.

I think about things too seriously sometimes. I also mess with my mind and get so scared. It's just pathetic. If you are a Christian fighting over your past you should know what I mean. I'm Native American and oh so very proud of it. I like and dislike many things. I don't care what people say about me anymore. It really has no effect on me. Even if it's concerning my family. I've grown to know that I'm not better then them but I know better then them and my job is to teach them that. Everybody learns from their mistakes.

I don't judge.